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Robert Petkoff

Robert is now appearing in

39 Steps

at the Union Square Theatre in NYC!

Robert is currently starring as

Richard Hannay, the dashing hero racing to solve the mystery of the 39 Steps while trying to clear his name!


‘39 Steps,’ Frenetic Thriller Spoof,

Rises Again

New York Times Critics’ Pick


APRIL 13, 2015

“...under the guidance of its original London director, Maria Aitken, this bare-bones production is as disciplined and as precise in its footwork as a “Firebird” from the Bolshoi Ballet. Featuring a cast of four portraying too many characters to count, “39 Steps” remains a gallant and giggly ode to make-do resourcefulness, to the air of spinning illusions out of nothing but a clown’s talents.”

Union Square Theater

100 East 17th Street

Tickets: 800-982-2787

Robert Petkoff’s silhouette pursued by crop dusters in “39 Steps” at the Union Square Theater.

Credit - Sara Krulwich/The New York Times



“Silliness, it would appear, has been gravely undervalued as a survival strategy. How else to explain the unquenchable life — or rather lives, for there have been many — of Richard Hannay, the charmingly fatuous fop who keeps defying death all over the world and has now returned to fight bad guys with bad accents in New York at the Union Square Theater?”